The very definition of Managed Print Solutions means that a good partner should have the financial size to invest upfront! So yes, we are not so small that an urgent but important investment in a printer fleet would make us stop dead in our tracks. But Elpee is not too big either. Rather than being the jack of all IT peripherals, we have chosen to be the masters of printing. Not only have we groomed an expert team that lives and breathes printing – but we have also invested in setting up a dedicated toner assembly unit, to exclusively service the growing demands of our clients.


Actually many MNCs also provide MPS, IF you are ready to change your entire print infrastructure to their products and IF you are ready to pay a major cost premium. Also, their Helpline would probably insist on a 16 digit authentication code, before it logs your complaint! The requisition for a new printer would probably have to be submitted in triplicate! On the other hand, we are happy to work with legacy printers and service multi-brand print fleets. From our helpline you will connect to the same Service Engineers, who are responsible for the maintenance of your print network. And for temporary, or permanent, additions to your print fleet – you will find us to be surprisingly prompt and sensitive.

We do have a 1-page questionnaire for new clients, but that is just so that we clearly understand your needs. You will not experience any system for our internal administrative control – Any and every process at Elpee, is in place only to help us to continually delight you. So when can we start?