Printing costs are reasonable, but bad printing is expensive. Smudgy prints at important meetings, time lost due to slow speeds and paper jams, breakdown due to irregular maintenance, unauthorised printing … can make printing expensive.

IDC also says that companies spend 5-15% of their revenues on printing related expenses. And while IDC suggests that companies could save 30% of their print related costs, Gartner pegs the number to between 20% and 30%. But these cost savings can only accrue if your company contracts a professional Managed Print Solutions provider.

Now you can confidently take the leap with Elpee MPS and enjoy Cost Benefits of MPS in 2 broad areas:

1) Reduce Costs
By fleet rationalisation, Elpee uses few right-powered printer models, at the right nodes. This reduces cost of consumables, real estate footprint, spare stocks, electric power and of the helpdesk team – reducing the Total Cost of Ownership for the printer network. Features like pull printing and duplex printing, save paper. Elpee also passes on it’s expertise and economies of scale in buying of printers, paper and consumables, to reduce printing costs significantly.
2) Capex to Opex


With Elpee MPS you get total print fleet management where any investment in capital expenditure for printers as well as for spares, repairs, upgrades and consumables is made by Elpee – You just incur the operational expense on a cost per print model.