TCO Reduction with MPS

In simple words Managed Print Solution means a provider is managing the complete print set-up from first assessment to last services & Elpee MPS is in this domain since last 2 decades.  Elpee’s main motto is to demonstrate the company’s TCO in regards to their document production system. Total cost of ownership is the estimate of all the cost related to the ownership, usage, support & management of the all components related to the organization’s print set. TCO is based upon the arguments that a company cannot manage its print system if it does not measure it properly.

Below is the simple graphic, you can see how MPS tackles all components of printing to bring down the Total Cost of Ownership:


How ElpeeMPS brings down TCO?

  • Elpee MPS provides the printers with the latest technology, where our objective is not just to give right product for given application, but to design MPS keeping in mind on objectives to have print fleet optimization with the latest equipments which will help to optimize print workflow with better productivity. With such advance printing solution, print fleets are set according to individual quotas & validation in printings which automatically helps to save papers & use of energy is efficient to device.
  • As Elpee is print partner with Samsung, HP & Xerox by rationalization & consolidation goals keeping in mind it will definitely make sure that the parts provided to our clients are 100% genuine, it is just because of Elpee is proactive in providing preventive maintenance as it has well qualified engineers on duty.
  • With advance machineries & expert service will increase the workflow & productivity of organization will increase due to fewer devices which will be saving space in office and breakdown is minimum and also the energy efficient product helps environment to Go Green. Hence therefore burden on management & help desk gets reduced as it minimizes monitoring & commercials issue which save ample of management time.

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