The global managed print services market size was valued at $27,500 million in 2017


Printing has and will remain an integral and necessary component of day-to-day operation for all education organizations, whether schools, colleges or universities. Through key stages, 1 – 3, and onward to higher education, with multiple campuses involved, printing infrastructure and its daily maintenance and upkeep can be burdensome to operations and the internal IT department. These burdens caused by the current print infrastructure can not only be mitigated but essentially eradicated by engaging with a (MPS)The Managed Print Service MPS..The benefits of Managed Print Solution. for schools and colleges centers on reducing and controlling your printing costs. Reducing and controlling your printing costs becomes even more applicable to the education sector, which relies on a limited operational budget for technology and device investment.

“Technology can also cost money when you’re least expecting it. With Apogee, we know exactly how much we’ll be paying for the next four years.”

Adrian Lawson

Every organization is responsible for reducing its environmental footprint and waste. Reducing the amount of paper used, the quantity of electricity utilized, and the print consumables your organization uses are all part of a sustainable workplace, but one which is even more critical in educational organizations. Schools, colleges and universities are keenly suited to adapting green initiatives, as students are increasingly voicing their growing concerns over environmental issues like climate change and renewable energy. Engaging with a Managed Print Services(MPS)provider such as Apogee can assuage these concerns from students over environmental .Many schools and universities house a large number of copiers and printers. Education managed print Solution can help greatly with the many responsibilities that come with managing a large fleet of machines that might be made by different manufacturers. If there are problems with compatibility, workflow interruptions, and excessive cost burdens, MPS will drastically reduce these issues for educational professionals.


Few companies can benefit from a strong managed print service (MPS) strategy more than those in the financial industry.

After all, what’s more important than keeping your customer’s private information secure from data breach threats? With MPS, financial companies can rest assured that every client’s information is safe.

By working alongside a managed print partner, costs are nearly always offset by the extraordinary savings good MPS strategies generate.

However, if you’re still unsure about whether you have the budget, consider what it might cost not to hire an MPS partner. If your company suffers a data breach, not only will penalties and fines quickly add up, but customers will quickly be heading out the door as they feel like their data simply isn’t safe at your business.

Aside from protecting your business from breaches, a reliable managed print partner also cuts down on printing costs. and saves time by reducing paper flow, streamlining your devices, and eliminating the need for multiple print-related contracts and vendors.

Legal Industry

The legal industry can benefit from legal managed print services. through gaining control of the costs associated with printing. This can be achieved by tracking everything that gets printed, establishing rules, and using the tools built into multifunction printers. Legal managed print services allow for advanced security solutions such as two-factor user authentication, encryption, and pull printing to help protect the sensitive data that law firms deal with every day.

Healthcare Industry

 Healthcare managed print services help hospitals and offices reduce administrative burdens on their staff by effectively outsourcing their printing jobs to another company. With managed print services, no one in a healthcare business will need to worry about replacing printer supplies or maintaining equipment.

In addition, regulatory compliance will also be taken care of by the managed print services provider. Coping with HIPAA regulations creates a headache for most everyone in the healthcare industry. Using MPS means that HIPAA compliance will be taken care of for you, leaving staff with more time to focus on the work that matters most.