Managed Print Solution for Business Owners.

Designed to make your life simpler, Managed Print Services is a print management solution that lets you gain better visibility to and control of the unknown total costs of print supplies, hardware, and services in your environment. Typically this is done for a predictable monthly cost using an outsourced entity to manage some or all aspects of the solution.  The most effective MPS solutions will analyze your current environment and automatically monitor ongoing document production and workflow.  With this information, a collaborative MPS Partner will work will you to make process improvements that improve efficiency in managing your fleet properly done, this will allow a business or organization to use their financial and human resources more effectively.
Successful business owners know when to do a job themselves and when to call in the experts.  Those who value their time know how precious it is, and most entrepreneurs know exactly how much their time is worth.
As an increasing number of business owners seek new and increasingly efficient means of tackling their day-to-day tasks, more are outsourcing many of their technical responsibilities.  In fact, this trend has lately been geared toward managed print solutions.
Some quick main benefits to an organization of a successfully implemented MPS program are

  1. Cost savings though more efficient supplies procurement processes and optimized device utilisation.
  2. Simplified automated supplies where your printer alerts that it needs more toner or ink
  3. Having the best printing technology available in the most efficient manner.
  4. Providing a predictable cost-per-unit to help business owners monitor and plan for monthly expenses.
  5. Single point of contact for tech support or printer related service calls.
  6. Freeing up time to spend on high priority items.

Most organization spend 1-3% of their annual budget on printing, it is very important to identify where these costs are.  Some of these unknown costs and benefits that ELPEE MPS can help you identify are

  1. Hidden costs in current MPS contracts
  2. True cost of supplies.
  3. True cost of electrical consumption
  4. The true cost of processing multiple purchase orders and invoice payments.
  5. Excess services calls/costs on old or over used equipment
  6. Environmentally responsible and cost effective printing practices.
  7. Minimising service calls through a single service number for all support calls.
  8. Balanced deployment using the right number and type of printers in the right locations.