Most companies have an acceptable policies for employee email, internet access, data security and even Canteen Policy, but they don’t have a printing policy which is 3% of their revenue.

Less than 30% of Indian companies have formal print policy to control how much is printed and spent on hardcopy output.  Does your office have a print policy? Without one, it’s virtually impossible to prevent avoidable waste and expense.

Uncontrolled printing can lead to wasted paper and ink, record confusion and even equipment malfunctions.  Many business owners and managers find it necessary to control who can print what at which printer via an official printing policy.


What is a “Print Policy”?

A print policy is an important part of controlling printing costs and usage.  It is a set of guidelines that or rules followed by all office workers. It includes specific directives:

  • ♦ What a person can print
  • ♦ How much they can print
  • ♦ On What print device they can print
  • ♦ Print in black and white or incolour.
  • ♦ Double vs Single sided printouts
  • ♦ And Personal Printing


What should be included in a printing policies?

  • ♦ How print usage will be tracked
  • ♦ How many prints each department or user is allowed to make
  • ♦ What information will be stored: cached copy of what was printed, file name, date, toner etc
  • ♦ What print features specific users or user groups are allowed to use (such as color copying)
  • ♦ How many copies specific users or user groups are permitted to make
  • ♦ Restrictions on where email can be sent from a multi-function printer
  • ♦ Who should be contacted if supplies are needed for a copier or printer
  • ♦ Which printer and copiers should be utilized for different print jobs.
  • ♦ Who to contact should there be a service issue.

Implementation of Printing Policies& Management

There are variety of solutions available for managing printing policies and procedures. Good Print Management is more than replacing toner cartridges.  Use ELPEE MPS to monitor printing

  • ♦ Quota System to be integrated into MFP – Setting limits on monthly print volumes.
  • ♦ User Authentication Integration into MFP – Secure Authentication Print via Login ID or Card Swipe.
  • ♦ Remind users via popup to print duplex or black & white settings, thereby reducing the amount of paper, ink and toner used.
  • ♦ Route large jobs to dedicated high-volume printers
  • ♦ Discourage users from printing emails
  • ♦ Discourage printing web pages in color
  • ♦ Alerts to Administrators – A printer in error (paper Jam), A printer’s toner level is low, Other errors
  • ♦ Define Costs on per-printer basis
  • ♦ Automatically convert student printing to duplex or grayscale
  • ♦ Automatically detect and delete duplicate jobs
  • ♦ Prevent large jobs being printed on slow printers
  • ♦ Stop jobs of certain names/types
  • ♦ Catch invalid paper sizes – No more “manual feed”
  • ♦ Restrict access by domain group, maximum cost, color mode, size, just print and copy, & More..
  • ♦ Reporting and analysis
  • ♦ Track printing expenses via department, work area, cost center, client.
  • ♦ Device Management software can be put in place that turns off electronic equipment when you leave the building – thus save electricity bill and helps environment.


Need assistance creating and implementing printing policies and procedures for your business? Contact us, we would be happy to assist you!