PricewaterhouseCooper provides industry-focussed audit and assurance, consulting and tax services to public, private and government clients in all markets. It is an audit advisory practice is particularly popular in India and has been recently awarded “India Tax Firm of the year 2010”. PwC are Internal Audit services employing highly skilled professionals, who help solve common client with the right solutions, contemporary processes / methodologies & superior tool/ technologies.

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As PwC was ageing the challenges face was leading to increased maintenance time & continues breakdown issues in their print infrastructure. Hence, they were continuously losing their productivity due to paper jams, toner outrages and also because of smudgy, grainy & unclear print. The challenges for PwC was they require a new print infrastructure which will be more productive, but it would lead to huge capital expenditure cost.

The Quick Fix

It is but natural that any taxation & audit firm carries lots of information about other companies & it should be on-screen. Though it needs any significant amount of printings. PwC had a giant volume & high quality of output expectation from its printer fleets. It was very important for PwC to come with the right solution, so the service was provided by Elpees MPS partnered with Hewlett Packard. Elpee’s print system plan advised the most capable HP printers like HP Laserjet 4345 mfp, HP Laserjet 5035 mfp & HP Laserjet P3015.

As PwC was require the pay per print model which seems to be ideal for them & it was aligned by Elpee Managed Print Solution model. This managed the printing system & the volume of the printing. Elpee also had a station site engineer on the PwC premises who will continuously look after the printing fleet. The engineer also looks after the availability of  consumables as part of the client business.

“PwC have already achieved an initial savings of 35 % related to direct hardware and consumable cost with Elpee Managed Print Solution”  VARSHA KULKARNI– Deputy Manager

 The Result

  • Since printing is better, faster and more reliable, employees no longer have to stand over printers while getting documents printed this helps to improve staff productivity.
  • Reduced stress for the IT Help-desk, due to Elpee’s On-site Engineer and a brand new Print Fleet
  • Modern functionalities like Scan-to-mail and Duplex printing, provide assistance for support processes.