It is truly amazing that everyone claims to have the best solution for you. If you are in IT or a CFO/COO, you have probably received multiple calls regarding MPS. You may have even gone through an assessment or signed a contract for MPS already. The bottom line is that MPS means many different things — there is no universal definition.

Cutting the cost and complexity of print management is now absolutely critical to your bottom-line company profits. ELPEE MPS Solution helps you save and simplify with a complete easy-to-implement usage-based program that leverage’s your purchasing power into a “bundled” solution. This includes any combination of new printers & MFP devices, print cartridges, nationwide maintenance & superior-level on-site support, and comprehensive fleet management for your installed base of printers.

You’ll improve management and user efficiency, tighten control, and contain all your print-related expenses company-wide that may result in annual per page cost savings of 40% or more.


♦ New approach to acquiring/managing equipment Buying Pages
♦ Does not require any new hardware equipment purchases
Flexible pricing structure with no upfront capital outlay
♦ Includes any combination of print consumables, maintenance, on-site break/fix support, printers, MFP’s, installation & training
♦ Industry leading software to track, report & monitor
♦ Dedicated 9×5 on-site technical staff provided, if applicable
♦ Responsive, priority-level local on-site service & support
♦ Proactive Smart Alerts improve customer satisfaction
♦ Preventive maintenance Health Checks reduce downtime
♦ One single-source vendor, one simple monthly invoice
♦ Monthly auto-stocking and management of toner and supplies
♦ No minimum volume or long-term contract for installed fleet
1.  Control and significantly reduce total per-page printing costs
2.  No hidden fees: program includes everything except paper
3.  Free up valuable IT staff resources for other productive uses
4.  Minimize unexpected downtime, maximize enduser satisfaction
5.  Administrators stop ordering, stocking & managing supplies
6.  Simple billing with management reports and easy cost allocation
7.  Take advantage of redeployment opportunities to maxmize ROI
8.  Let us help you uncover a potential hidden goldmine of savings