SME’s frequently have no clue how much printing is occurring in their workplaces, or how much this consistently “Overlooked” consumption is costing them. Directors are frequently stunned to hear that their office printing can without much of a stretch speak to 3-8% of business turnover. Moreover, a typical employee spends around 250 to 400 hours annually on unnecessary printing related issues. MPS can regularly spare you more than 30% of this cost.

In India recently after Narendra Modi’s ‘Make in India’ initiative, the government received more than ₹1.20 lakh crore (US$18 billion) worth of proposals from companies interested in manufacturing in India. With these points in mind, and with the current difficult economic climate, it makes sense that SME’s are now seeing the increasing importance of managing their print environment and reducing their print costs. SME’s are easily the fastest growing sector for managed print.

With the help of MANAGED PRINT SOLUTIONS (MPS), organizations can outsource their printing tasks and processes enabling them to focus on their core business processes. This enables MPS providers to meet the requirements of an organization while limiting the number and types of printing devices. With increaseing needs to lower operational costs and rising costs of printing documents, the MPS market has been lucrative in recent years.

SME’s currently like never before, need to pick up a superior comprehension of what’s being printed and to take measures to control it. what’s more, it is assessed that around 50% of SME’s will be under Managed Print Solution till 2020 in India. See how much control a Managed Print Solution can give you.

A good MPS Partner, Elpee Managed Print Solutions is servicing the print needs of India’s leading blue chip companies for 2 decades by creating ideal print environment. The quality of Elpee’s product, the flexibility of it’s process and it’s domain expertise, makes Elpee a trusted solution partner for you.