Nowadays it is very essential to identify things that are costing your firm money, but that usually happens after money is already down the drain. Your firm loses money when clients don’t pay their bills, you choose the wrong clients, you don’t delegate work, etc. But there are numerous other hidden costs that eat away law firm’s profits that you may be unaware of. One of them is charge back to your client.

So, what is charge back related to printing costs and how it will help you grow your profit.
Most of the law firms forget that prints are like billable copies. You can charge the cost required for printing to your clients directly.

Now you must be thinking how is it possible or it must be a tedious procedure to calculate the costs separately?
It is possible and very easily applicable. Managed Print Solution provider like ElpeeMPS provide you a MPS software in which a chargeback option is provided where the print count is tabulated under client billing code so that you can charge to client accurately with the proof.

So, if you are one of the 70% of the firms who do no charge client for billable prints, and If at all you are charging for prints, you should be accurately tracking what percentage of prints are billable. Why not start charging accurately from today itself with chargeback option provided by Elpee Managed Print Software.

However, you can use the technologies like this for understanding where you are printing, i.e. against matters and clients, which is useful and can potentially aid you in addressing costing and in identifying work flow and process changes to protect your margins.

Print management is not just related to cost saving but with improved access to printing, productivity will increase and by eliminating print jobs sitting in paper trays, documents are more secured and are less prone to data breach which is the measure security issue in many firms and organisations today.
By adopting above, we estimate that printing costs can be reduced up to 30% by actively measuring and managing printing.

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