MPS Convenience Benefits

23% of all calls to the IT Help Desk are printer related. 15% of time of a company’s IT team is spent on printing related issues. And these are statistics from IDC internationally – aren’t things even more worse in India?

And what about the time spent in scrutinising POs, Invoices, etc from multiple vendors for printers, for consumables and for maintenance contracts across regions and branches?

Now you can partner with a professional partner in Elpee MPS and enjoy Convenience Benefits of MPS in 2 broad areas:

1) Reduce Risks
With Elpee’s Premium Print Management software, you have custom software for MIS records of who is printing what. With features like pull printing and access controls, you also ensure security. And with an SLA based engagement, there is minimal downtime risk.
2) Operational Ease
By outsourcing to an MPS provider, you enjoy ‘Green operations’ with lower power usage, reduced toner waste and obsolete device recycling. Every printer is effectively an eco printer. And while Managed print service spans the purchase, maintenance and operation of the total print fleet – you get a simple Invoice detailing just the cost per print for various printers. This way, you enjoy print cost reduction and, complete operational ease.