Free up IT time and resources by letting Elpee MPS manage your fleet of printers.

Is your IT Staff being pushed to their limits maintaining a fleet of printers spread out across several offices and departments? Do you have an accurate accounting of your total print expenditure, from paper and toner cartridges to energy costs? IT teams have far more critical tasks demanding their attention rather than managing printers, copiers and other imaging equipment’s.
These IT and accounting headaches can put a damper on productivity and a hole in budgets. The problem however is that mismanaging this equipment costs businesses more money that could be spent on other relevant initiatives.
Most businesses are not aware of how much money they might be wasting by not taking a centralized approach to purchasing, supporting, consolidating and managing these assets.

Without full visibility into their printer fleet:-
♦ They don’t know the number and types of printers they have
♦ Their user-to-printer ratio
♦ Who’s using which printers and how
♦ Their spending on toner, paper and other consumables
♦ And the level of resources dedicated to support and maintenance.

Elpee Managed print solution can help your organization get printing under control while simplifying workflows and saving your company money. With end-to-end MPS,

  • ♦ We centralize printer, parts and consumables purchasing
  • ♦ Monitor individual device and consumable usage,
  • ♦ Automatically replenishes supplies
  • ♦ Manages maintenance agreements.
  • ♦ Fixes or replaces broken devices
  • ♦ And Consolidates Billing


Save Money with ELPEE MPS

Businesses routinely experience a 30% reduction in printing costs. Here’s how

save print cost

  • ♦ Print Analysis. With remote and on-site monitoring, you’ll have a clear picture of what’s being printed, where it’s being printed, and what paper and ink is being used to print it. Access controls and permissions along with paper-saving measures like two-sided printing can be implemented to reduce waste.
  • ♦  Device Assessment. With Elpee Managed Print Solution, your devices will be assessed, pinpointing areas of overlap and inefficiency. Your office workflows will improve when devices are relocated for ease of access, and you’ll save money when unnecessary devices are eliminated from your fleet.
  •  ♦ Automatic Supply Renewals. It takes time and money to maintain a supply closed for print consumables like ink cartridges, toner and paper. With Elpee Managed Print Solution, automatic ordering means you’ll have the supplies you need without costly excesses. You’ll also avoid unexpected shortages and resulting wait time until supplies arrive.
  •  ♦ An Optimized Fleet. Emergency break-fix scenarios due to missed maintenance are frustrating and expensive. ElpeeMPS keeps your equipment in excellent condition, heading off breakdowns before they have a chance to negatively impact your work day.
  • ♦ Predictable Costs. One set monthly fee for your total print environment means you can plan better and free up resources for value-added projects.
  • ♦ Enhanced Security. Elpee MPS can identify weak spots and recommend solutions to tighten your print environment security.
  • ♦ Free up Staff. Your IT team is more valuable to your company doing what you hired them to do. The experts of Elpee MPS team know printers. We’ll take care of yours so you can get back to your real businesses.

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To find out more ways ELPEE MPS can save your company money& IT headaches, contact ELPEE MPS today.