We all know that today organisations cannot exist without print.So most of them have a Print Strategy of some kind. But do you know whether your strategyis sufficient enough to control and reduce your print cost?

Here most of the organisations fail to recognise that the strategy they have implemented is not sufficient enough to control and reduce their print cost. Moving a step ahead some organisations appointor give a contract to Printer Service Provider(manufacturer and maintenance service provider).

But they do not realise that a manufacturer will sell a print service that only manages tonerand will only provide the service when printer is down. This neither makes the printing process cost efficient nor increases the efficiency.

There are many other factors influencing the Printing Cost which a printer service provider or individual strategies by organizationsdoes not consider.

Some of them are:

  • ♦ Wasted paper that is associated with the printing service
  • ♦ Service and delivery arrangement
  • ♦ Print security
  • ♦ Installation and de installation cost

Generally,Printer service providersdon’t want to talk about these because they don’tprovide these services and they want to hide the fees because they are quite expensive and drive up the costs.

So, to avoid this it is essential to contact a Managed Print Solution Expert because with MPS provider you will be paying only for what you print rather than other cost associated with printing (also known as pay per print concept) and also your printing needs will be optimised to reduce overall printing cost.

A MPS Provider generally reviews, assesses, optimises and implements Print Solutions.

Some of the factors considered by a MPS provider are:

  • ♦ Reduce the number of devices used in organization (print fleet reduction).
  • ♦ DeployMPS software to keep track of all thee printing documents and reduce paper wastage.
  • ♦ Using less pages by duplex printing wherever possible.
  • ♦ Enforcing user authentication at device level before releasing print works in order to have secure printing.
  • ♦ Reducing IT time by timely servicing and maintenance of all printing device.

Digital MPS

All the above factors help to reduce print cost indirectly increasing your business efficiency. So, in order to have these benefits appoint a Managed Print Solution (ElpeeMps) provider today and cut down on unwanted print related costs.

Moreover, apart from this today each and every organisation is sensing the need to go digital so here what Elpee Managed Print Solutions Provides to its customer.

Managed Print services

These days most of the organizations understand the importance of digitization in their business. They can clearly see the benefits in terms of increased productivity and operational efficiencies. Yet still, with all this technological advancements people find it difficult to manage their organizational information.
Around 55% of the organizations say that their document usage is either stable, increasing or increasing rapidly, instead of decreasing. Ultimately increasing the printing cost. In order to reduce this printing cost most of the organizations desire to go paperless and adopt digital workflow.
We all know that printing is the indivisible part of any organization or business. But still, we can digitize most of the print work so as to reduce printing process wherever and whenever possible. Integrating this digitization with print network requires change in business process which is most difficult job to do.
So here a Managed Print Solution provider plays a vital role in managing your document workflow and assessing the way information flows in your business. A MPS provider helps find hidden flaws in your printing workflow and provides best possible ways to solve them digitally.
Here are few ways, with which a MPS provider helps you digitize your printing process:

• Integrating MFPs

Integrating MFPs (multi-function printers)with your organization at right places to bridge the gap between paper and digital work. MFPs do not need a computer to perform their task as they are computer themselves. They are digitally equipped with their own memory, processor etc. MFPs are generally the evolution of digital photocopier.

• Digital Security

Printing sensitive and high profile information is one of the top security issue among all organizations today. With MPS assessment and management tool one can track all the print documents. Moreover, a MPS provider ensures a digitally secured practice among all the employees of the organisation by restricting access usingPIN or your existing proximity, magnetic, smart cards or biometric identification.

• Implementing MPS Software

With upgradation in technologies and organisations demanding easy, simple and convenient ways to manage printing process.MPS provider implements Manage Print Software to increase productivity. A MPS software helps to control printing cost, reduce operational cost and increase environmental sustainability.

• Follow-Me Printing

Follow-me printing is another way offered by MPS provider which has many benefits especially for those organisations requiring printer roaming capabilities.Printer “roaming” across the LAN, WAN or Internet pulls print on authentication. A user can collect print from any location and also if the printer is down he can go to another printer and print his document as follow me connects all the printing devices digitally.
To conclude, integrating Managed Print Solutions with your business workflow is the first step towards digitization. Although many organisations recognise the need of digitization today, but still, setting a digital print workflow without a MPS expert could actually lead to further inefficiencies, not getting the intended result and forcing organisation to desert the concept. To avoid this, call a Managed Print Solution provider today and improve your business efficiency and productivity.