When it comes to business in 21st century everything has become digitized. But, almost every part of business activities & business information is still in hard copy. In organization every role requires the print to create, or for documentation of any kind of jobs. The paper habits of people are difficult to change & people rarely get the second thought of changing it. Hence, the widespread transformation in documentation is necessary.

The reason of organizations to adopt Manage print services is to turn their printing cost down, gain visibility, predictability in expenses & get away with service liability. MPS is also reason to automate workflow, which includes industry specific workflow solutions automating paper intensive and electronic workflows.


Business enterprises are expected to outsource their documentation partner to work & manage the change. MPS can add value to the business through transformation initiatives that support revenue and profit. MPS providers include printer/copier manufacturers, systems integrator and managed IT service providers. Choosing the right partner is critical to the success of Manage print service agreement. Hence following are the keys criteria to be kept in mind while selecting the document outsourcing providers:-

  • ♦ Strong focus on improving customer performance:

MPS providers should help customers to improve the efficiency of their print infrastructure which will drive them to transformation and also increase employee productivity.

  • ♦ Consistent service delivery with local support:

You need to check whether an MPS provider uses the standard service delivery processes across all locations or the team are organized & collaborate.

  • ♦ Proactive continuous improvement:

An MPS provider must go beyond a break/fix model to offer proactive and preemptive support and maintenance.

  • ♦ Strong multi vendor support:

As most print infrastructures are from different vendors or partners comprising hardware & software provided are from a variety of vendors, so MPS providers should prove its experience of working with multiple client’s environment.

  • ♦ Flexibility:

Businesses will always want to engage with MPS in a variety of different ways. Some may want to standardize on a single vendor’s equipment and software, while others may prefer multi
vendor environments.

  • ♦ Full service transparency:

Consistent service delivery by the MPS provider built on continues processes that come through repeated efforts.

  • ♦ Innovative:

Bear in mind that innovation within any outsourcing contract may come at a premium.

  • ♦ Eco-friendly

Taking care of the environment is the responsibility of all kinds of sectors. It is the responsibility of the MPS provider to give eco-friendly printer to business organization.

Hence, the partnership between a business & MPS provider should start whenever there is the greatest need in business and Elpee MPS can understand the need of business.