A lot of people get confused about the difference between toner based solutions or managed print solution. Mostly print shops or commercials rely heavily on their printers, but it is important that everything happens right when it is needed the most.  Many times the pages come out faded or sections are completely missing from the printed pieces. Hence, it is very necessary for the printers to select the appropriate solution to fix it right.

Before going into I want you to know something. Many people have toner based solutions & many of them also have managed print solution. The issue is whether people truly know the difference between Toner Based Solutions or Managed Print Solutions.



Toner is largely powder-based used in laser/digital printers, using organic compounds and polymers to make up the majority of the material. The toner based solution offers prints on high quality demand, where the printers are allotted to each one individually, which requires the space for consumption. Here the provider needs to check toner & needs to refill its every time whenever required.


MPS are the services offered by the providers to manage company’s document production. The main components provided are needs assessment, replacement of hardware & the service and also parts & supplies needed to operate the new or existing printer.

The providers also need to check whether the printer, copier or print fleets are still in use or there are any issues & the client is satisfied with the service provided.

Below there is a difference between Toner based Solution V/S MPS to take a better decision while selecting your print providers:-


Toner based solution



The user commits the number of toner cartridges on every printer. In an operating environment, individual printer usage and cartridge consumption can vary leaving no room for the user to remap his requirements.  

The user commits on the total number of pages a month, irrespective of on which printer the printout is taken. This offers more flexibility to the user in terms of remapping his printing workload.

2 Toner consumption can be influenced by varying toner refill quantity. In a multi user environment a user is not expected to monitor toner output. It is clear that half filled toners will create additional need of buying more cartridges. For your organization, it means higher expense.  

No such limitations with Elpee’s Managed Print service.


Printer up-time is not a priority for the support vendor since the billing is not affected by the downtime.

We are a hard core support organization. Selfishly, we have to ensure maximum up-time as our billing gets affected if the printer remains down. A self correcting mechanism.
 4 Most toner suppliers use toner refills that may or may not stick to good quality standards. This will lead to higher downtime. However, as discussed, down time may not be a priority for them.  

Elpee uses re-engineered cartridges. During quality refills we change the required parts to ensure quality print out and smooth printing operation. Thus guaranteeing maximum up-time.


The toner based solution is a transaction. It does not need any expertise as the solution is limited to toner sale.

In Managed Print Service, we carefully analyze your printing requirement to offer you the best solution by optimizing resources. Unlike others, it demands a certain level of expertise in the printing industry.

From the above table you might have obviously got the idea about the difference between Toner based Solution & MPS, which shows that Elpee Managed Print Solution is a provider which makes their clients delight with their services & helps them to be more productive. Hence there is no more confusion, then without any doubt, contact ELPEE MPS to manage your print set up.