Do you know about your organizational printing and its cost? If you feel yes, then be ready for a surprise because after reading this we are about to change your perception about printing and Print Management.
Print weekly reports, print meeting minutes, print invoice, print bills …… day starts with printing and ends with printing. we all know that without oxygen life is impossible, likewise, organization without printing is incomplete. With this comes Print Management Solutions to manage your print loads so that you are saved from unwanted printing costs and time delays due to printing related issues.

Today, virtually every organization is searching for new ways to control costs and operate more efficiently. We at ElpeeMps have created a list of 10 Questions for which we provide solution and design a Print Management plan to help you optimise your print output.

So here are the 10 Questions necessary to be answered to have a successful Print Management Strategy…

1. What and how much a person or employee can print?
2. What print devices they should use to print documents?
3. Should they use two single pages or both sides of a single piece of paper?
4. How to identify whether to print in black and white or in colour?
5. Is Personal printing controlled in your organisation?
6. How to track overall print usage?
7. What information will be stored: cached copy of what was printed, file name, date, toner etc.
8. What and how many print features specific users or user groups are allowed to use (such as colour copying).
9. Who should be contacted for service issues or if supplies are needed for a copier or printer?
10. Last, but not least…Which copiers and printers should be utilized for different print jobs?

So, don’t have any idea about this

No need to worry……80% of the organizations are unaware about this.

ElpeeMps will help you find solutions for all these questions. So, what you waiting for, contact a Print Management expert (ElpeeMps) today and take your organisational Print jobs to a whole new level. Thus, increasing your business efficiency.

Moreover, last year around 61% of organisations reported at least a single print-related data breach in their organisation and with GO-GREEN INDIA initiative in full swing, increasing awareness about Environmental Sustainability, ElpeeMps provides value added features like Print Security and ECO-FRIENDLY Print Policy. Which indeed helps you to take a step towards Secure Printing and Environmental Sustainability.

We at ElpeeMps perform a full evaluation of your current output services infrastructure and identify opportunities to improve performance, streamline operations and reduce costs.
With close to 2 decades, ElpeeMps has focused on the domain of document printing, and today it is a Managed Print Solution expert. The quality of its solution, the flexibility of its service and its domain expertise makes Elpee a trusted Managed Print Solution partner for its clients. The number of high-quality printouts we have generated bears testament to this fact.

We at ElpeeMps aim to CHANGE the way an organisation looks at its Print Needs. A Change which can be felt and discussed. And more importantly, Change which can be scrutinized and not just debated.