If you’re like most organizations, you may not have a clear understanding of what your actual printing costs are. This is alarming, especially considering that printing costs can amount to a sizable expense.
However, an effective solution for getting a better handle on your printing costs is to have a better assessment completed. A Print assessment will arm business leaders with powerful data that reveals an organization’s actual printing behaviors, volumes, and costs.  This information can help identify areas of immediate cost savings and opportunities to boost productivity and minimize waste.

A thorough print assessment should address the following areas:-

  1. ♦ Inventory of all printing devices both networked and offline
  2. ♦Printing devices usage including black and white and colour prints.
  3. ♦True printing costs broken down by page, device and overall
  4. ♦User activities both by individual employees and departments.
  5. ♦Energy consumption including all hard copy devices
  6. ♦Recycling practices
There are 3 basic types of print assessments that can provide you with this information.
  1. Walk Around:- This type of assessment involves walking around you work space and taking an inventory of all printing devices, both networked and offline. Print Volumes are assessed and then these figures can be projected over a week, month or even a year.
  2. Software Deployment:- If you are looking for insight into your printing work flow and actual print volumes and costs, you many want to consider an assessment that incorporates software deployment.  Software would provide fact-based data on all networked devices. This assessment will reduce your organisations printing costs by up to 30 percent.
  3. Onsite Professional Services:- If your organizations has multiple locations or an international presence, a professional on-site assessment will provide you with in-depth data about your printing costs. Larger organizations with a wide footprint suffer the most from the lack of cost visibility in regards to printing expenses, so a thorough print assessment can prove to be very beneficial.

An Assessment is a smart fist step that will pay you back with increased productivity and significant cost reductions.  To learn more about the print assessment process contact us today.