Changing, cleaning, feeding, and chasing alarms may seem a lot more like a babysitters job rather than a standard producing day at your office. It has been said that printing comprises 3% of the office spending budget of a company but many offices do not really have a solid idea of simply how much they print, how much paper they feed, or how fast they run through toner. To keep a number of printers operating in top shape involves a great deal of awareness. If you find your working environment is consistently babysitting the printers, you could be prepared for the benefits of managed print services.

3 instant advantages of managed print services:

Preserve Time & Funds – Managed print service works with your computer system and watches all of your printers. Managed print services keep track of print job volume, problem messages, paper levels and ink/toner levels. Nearly all managed print services can be programmed to alert you along with your supplier that paper or toner is very low. You can forget surprises or baby-sitting your printers.

Printer Optimization – Along with multiple printers in the workplace often printers which can be cheaper get overlooked. When you have office equipment you choose your staff to utilize only for particular jobs due to the cost of running the gear, managed print services can make sure that the right printers are being used for a specific job.

Operational Procedures – When you have printing policies but it looks like no one in the office seems to comply with them, print management can help you. Once your office carries a policy on what shouldn’t be printed in colour or double-sided printing is preferred, managed print services permit managers to manage such functional processes and keep take of who’s printing and which printer they’re using.

These are merely some of the quick advantages your small business will get from managed print services.