While spending on printer, fax, scanner & copier some organizations never think about the huge hawk expenses on such machinery. Even on the spending on hardware, toner, ink cartridges, paper and management overheads are always ignored by most of the organizations. Such carelessness exists because of the expenses paid from numerous budget post- hardware capital expenses, supplies from individual departments and electricity from the facilities department. Without central control, print services costs can go complex, which means spending goes unmanageable.

But a growing number of industry demand for the fast and quick solution that will lift the load from them. Hence, they are turning their print environment over specialist who offers managed print solutions. MPS is also reason to automate workflow, which includes industry specific workflow solutions automating paper intensive and electronic workflows.

Business enterprises are expected to outsource their documentation partner to work & manage the change. Outsourcing of MPS partner will ensure better work efficiency and it can be effective for business as the manpower is more skilled with thorough knowledge about the printing system to be used for an organization. This has also been able to help cut costs in the end making for a smoother running place of work. Some great things about managed print services contains as follows:

  • Up gradation Benefits

With advances in technology, printers can now print better, print faster and require minimum maintenance.  Hence, Elpee will slowly and surely, upgrade your print infrastructure.


  1. 1. Better Document Quality, due to better printing.
  2. 2. Faster and Reliable printing, saving time of End Users.
  3. 3. Access Control & Reports, reduce volume of personal printing.
  4. 4. Duplex (two side) printing, saving cost of paper.
  • Consolidation Benefits

With better printers, fewer printers can get the same job done with greater ease and simplicity. Hence, Elpee will consolidate and reduce the number of printers on the network.


  1. 5. Better Features usage, due to familiarity with printers.
  2. 6. Faster tech support and repairs due to familiarity with printers.
  3. 7. Lower spares and consumables inventory due to fewer models.
  4. 8. Power savings due to fewer always-on printers on network.
  • Expertise Benefits

With new printers, new features, new brands, new schemes being constantly launched, it’s easy to get confused. But with 19 years of servicing clients’ print needs, Elpee’s the expert who knows what’s best for you.


  1. 9. Elpee knows the best machine to get the job done, and where to source it at the best price.
  2. 10. Elpee understands printing, and will be always be ready to service your future printing needs.