Shocked by the costs your printer incurs – who isn’t?  Learn how to slash printing costs by making some simple and free tweaks to your printing routine and print settings.
Office print and copy is essential to running our business but take a huge toll on the environment.  From the power printing devices consume to the paper they print on, the cost to both our pocketbooks and our planet are considerable.  Whether you’re a fortune 500 company or a 5 person SOHO Operation, most of us would like to do more to decrease our environment footprint.
Here are 5 free ways to be greener without spending any more green:

  1.  Understand your current footprint: – Why not improve your carbon footprint and save valuable company dollars?
    1. Moving 60% volumes from high-cost printers to existing lower-cost MFPs.  You would be shocked to realize how many large jobs are printed on desktop printers.  That is an expensive way to print.
    2. Increasing duplexed pages from zero to 50%.  Another way to save paper is to use less of it by printing on both sides of the page.( know more about Corporate Print Policy )
    3. Reducing print volumes by 30%  By using a print audit tool as provided by ELPEE MPS
  2. Stop Printing Emails: – it’s just a little email.  Often times email and web printing account for nearly 50% of total print volumes.  In my 10 years plus of conducting print assessments with tools like Print Audit, Customers are surprised by this fact.  People, especially in the corporate environment, have simply got in the habit of firing up the printer left and right when it would be cheaper, more efficient, and environmentally friendly to email the documents.
  3. Configure printing devices to duplex: – Most organizations print over 95% of their print volume “single sided”. Talk to your IT department about setting the printing default to “duplex” and select single-sided printing only when necessary.  This simple trick can reduce your paper spend by up to half!
  4. Recycle your toner cartridges and devices: – There is no need to just throw away empty cartridges and dead printing devices.  There are tons of vendors who will make it easy for you by coming to your office to pick them up, and most of these vendors will pay you to do so.
  5. Use recycled or non-tree fiber paper: – There is no need to buy “new” paper anymore.  There are a lot of high quality recycled paper options as well as many that are made from highly renewable resources like sugarcane. ( know more about World’s first eco-friendly MFP system )

You will be surprised at just how much money you’ll save with these simple hacks, and you’ll feel better about what you are doing for the environment, all without spending a dime.

Now it’s your turn!  What free tips do you have that have worked for your organization to reduce your environmental footprint while saving valuable dollars?  Please share you views, your comments matter