Till today in business organization color printing was the sole priority for the upper class management, such as CEOs or the senior management to the some extend. But as the competition in business is too high due to high tech technologies, it came to realization that every element in the customer experience cycle needs to express & also to impress.  Hence the companies who wanted to lead the market therefore started increase in the use of color printings & this is the reason why there is an increase in demand of Color Managed Print Solutions.

Previously, the cost of color printings was too much expensive. It was around 10 times of normal black & white printing cost. Since the color printings are used for most important documentation hence the first challenge is to ensure that the wastage is minimized. To minimize the waste of expensive color consumption, it is necessary to top shape the printers which will not lead to wastage. Here one has to look that there is no breakdowns or the maintenance is done time to time. It has become relevant to maintain color printers as it contains four color toners. Due to importance in the complexity of color printings hence very few companies provide Color Managed Print Solutions & ‘ELPEE MPS’ is one of them.

Elpee MPS has set up a Colored MPS for one of the India’s leading online Reality Portal, Housing.com. An expensive machine would reduce per print cost, but higher per print cost & cheaper machine would still make sense if the print load was minimal. Hence, to begin the hardware was carefully selected to optimally service the print load.


Elpee engineers follow a strict monitoring schedule to ensure well above average preventive maintenance and to keep a very close eye on the consumable levels. Keeping a printer in great shape and ensuring print quality is a common practice at Elpee – But, monitoring consumable levels across all 4 (C, M, Y, K) colors was new. Often, 1 of the 4 colors is consumed more than the others, but because the final print seems ‘off’ toners is dumped earlier than needed. Regular inspections and in-house manufacturing ensure that costs stay in control for Elpee.

Hence, for Housing.com, presenting reports, presentation and documents in colors to clients without any kind of stress or wastage & with controlled unwanted cost, has massive the value of the brand.