How ELPEE MPS can streamline workflow

An efficient workflow is a must for any organisation.  Making your office workflows efficient could revolutionize your entire business and put you ahead of your competition, simply because when you’re working efficiently, you’re producing more at a lower cost in lesser time.  With the right workflow, you can accomplish more with fewer inaccuracies and fewer hang-ups.  The right workflow can free up employee time and creativity for making your business more profitable.

ELPEE MPS: The Workflow Solution
When people think of managed print services, they typically think of reducing print output, lowering costs, and decreasing strain on IT staff.  All of these benefits certainly come with managed print, but at the root of the solution is a commitment to efficiency.  How does your managed print service provider reduce print output, lowers cost, and ease strain on IT staff? All through boosting efficiency.

Many-if not most-workflows in your office probably include paper, and paper revolves around your print environment.  If you print environment is inefficient, your paper-based workflows will be too inefficient.  With Elpee MPS, you can tackle these inefficiencies at their root and fix problems before they occur.

How it Works
Elpee MPS will first assess your current print environment, paying particular attention to areas that needs improvement.  Track the entire print system, down to the user and the machine, to identity bottlenecks and issues.  At the end of the assessment period, Elpee MPS will produce a plan to move forward, highlighting how workflow, machines and policies can shift to improve productivity.
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How it improves workflow
Simple changes like optimizing machine placement and fleet size can make your productivity soar. Elpee MPS can help you identify outdated paper-based processes and replace them with streamlined systems.  In the end, you’ll not only improve workflow, but you’ll also lower costs.  Elpee MPS helps you decide how you can streamline, optimize, and improve workflows to better serve your end goals.

  1. Placing equipment in optimal locations.
  2. Right-sizing your printer fleet.
  3. Making sure your machines are well-maintained and suitable for the tasks you need them for
  4. Reworking and digitizing outdated workflows
  5. Automating document life cycles

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