What is MPS (Managed Print Solutions) ?

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Printing is a critical part of your company’s IT services, and almost each and every employee is directly impacted by the efficiency and quality of printing. Paper jams and toner outages are responsible for a frustratingly incalculable loss of productivity. Smudgy, grainy and unclear print outs can confuse recipients and defeat the very purpose of print documentation.

But Managed Print Solutions, is a service which addresses all these problems. A Managed Print Solutions (MPS) provider, takes complete ownership of your print infrastructure. The MPS provider would purchase the printers, do routine preventive maintenance and also replenish the consumables, thereby ensuring that your print infrastructure keeps humming away efficiently.

A good MPS Partner like Elpee provides experience and expertise wherein your company can now ensure superlative printing, while enjoying significant cost savings and also taking pleasure in the operational convenience.