Stop buying Printer have MPS !

Are you still into acquisition of Printer Copier & MFP, Toners procurement, supplies fulfillment, Service request procedures for the most part of the day to keep your print fleet functioning, still not able to satisfy user on up-time & Product features and Management on Cost visibility & reductions.

Let all this be managed by MPS Expert. Not CUSTOMERS.

And still generate benefits

Follow trend practiced by most MNC, Large & SME Corporate across the industry known as MPS – Managed Print Solutions, MPS Program systematically manager’s your entire Print Fleet TCO – Total Cost Of Ownership rather than Device Purchase which is just a 10% of your TCO.

Have the MPS advantage, Think about it

♦ Who tells you the lease buyout figure?

♦ Who determines the “best” device for your needs?

♦ Who conducts the ‘agnostic’ assessment?

♦ Who interfaces almost daily with your end-users?

♦ Who build a program that supports your cost reduction plan

Below is the simple graphic, you can see how MPS tackles all components of printing to bring down the Total Cost of Ownership:


How ElpeeMPS brings down TCO?

Get your Print Environment audit for free. Rest will be taken care by our Expert team.

Elpee MPS also done on below make & models :

HP LaserJet Enterprise Series Printers & MFP :

700 Color Enterprise 775dn, M880z, M830z, M806dn, 725dn, M712dn, 600 Series printer M603dn, M4555, M9050, M5025, M4345, 4525, X476dw, X576dw, X451dw

XEROX Work Centre MFD Series :

WC 7120, WC7220, 7525/7530/7535/7545/7556, Mono MFD 5325,5330,5335

Canon ImageRunner Series MFD :

IR 2535, IR 2520, IR 2530, IR 2535, IR2545, IR 2420L, IR 2422L, IR 2202N, IR C3320, IR C3325, IR C 3330, IR C350i, IR6000, IR3300

Toshiba EStudio Series :

e2505H, e2050C, e2007, e2550, e257, e357, e557, e3555c

& many more ….