1.  Reduced Costs: –
    Most of the companies don’t really track the costs of printing and how much they could save with a different strategy. By conducting a detailed analysis of your current fleet of devices and looking to optimize the most cost-effective devices and introduce print management software we can help you take control of your print environment.  Elpee MPS puts all the pieces together to your business cut its expenditure on printing. Typically you will save 20-30% of your total print budget annually.
  2. Simplify Budgeting: –
    By implementing an ELPEE MPS solution you outsource administration and costs associated with running a fleet of printers and you can budget based on actual usage while standardizing equipment and improving performance. With ELPEE MPS, you know what you’re spending every month.
  3. Cut Down on Waste:-
    With the right hardware, management tools and strategy, ELPEE MPS can transform the way your business prints, setting up hardware and software so that fewer print-jobs end up with wasted paper, and so that features like duplex printing or pull-print – where the job only prints once the user authorizes it at the printer- become the norm.  The result? Less wasted ink, less wasted paper and a lower environmental impact.
  4. Single point of invoicing: –
    With one hardware and consumables vendor you benefit from having common features and controls, plus having just one source of consumable and a single contact to deal with should anything go wrong.
  5. Free your support team: –
    A Elpee MPS solution provides standardized equipment so that all users in all departments can easily access and use all the functions within the managed solution.  Drivers are standardized to remove unnecessary workloads from busy IT teams and all product use latest security and cost control functions.
  6. Develop a Print Strategy – and Stick to it:-
    Real-time analysis is a major plus-point of MPS.  ELPEE MPS can give you regular reports, enabling you to tweak your workflow, look again at your hardware requirements, and check that end-users are using your resource effectively.  Are certain users hogging a workgroup printer, or wasting ink and paper in personal use?  Are they adhering to your policies for duplex printing, color printing or printing at draft quality? With the right tools and expertise, ELPEE MPS can help you find out and take control.  In the end, MPS isn’t just about printers and consumables, it’s about developing a strategy to match your changing needs
  7. Minimize Downtime: –
    Paper-feed problems, ink and toner shortages, driver problems are all issues that you don’t want to deal with, at least of all when you have urgent deadlines. With MPS, downtime is minimized.
  8. Improve Security:- (Elpee Secure Print)
    One of the problems with unmanaged print is that it’s all too easy for users to print sensitive documents and leave them lying in the printer tray.  Chances are, you’ll never know.  With MPS, management tools make it easier to track print jobs and encourage secure practices, including pull-print.  The whole strategy helps users to think about what they’re printing, how they’re printing it and why.
  9. More Environmentally Friendly:-
    By implementing a ELPEE MPS Solution the use of modern equipment from the markets leading manufacturers also gives your business a sustainable.  Less energy consumption more environmental manufacturing process and less wastage from consumables mean that you can also demonstrate a reduction in your business’s carbon footprint.
  10. Reduce your device count: –
    When you implement ELPEE MPS solution, the process starts with an analysis of your existing setup.  Does one team need a copier and laser printer when a multifunction printer could do the same job with fewer consumables and a lower energy bill?  Are separate color and monochrome printers a better fit for one team than a single color laser?  ELPEE MPS can answer these questions will hard data, and reduce your printer count significantly, with cost savings to match.

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