Do you know according to research, according to the Gartner group 44% of all printing is unnecessary  & 3% of the revenue of the company or business is spending on copying & printing documents? Copying & printing documents is the essential part of the business & the cost incurred in this activity is uncontrollable costs since the ages. However these processes have been getting complex & unmanaged.

Yes, there is a solution for this challenging document production process- MPS- Manage Print Services. In this fast & competitive business environment MPS helps to business to reduce cost, lower print management budget & improve productivity.

As MPS helps for the wider productivity & improve business practice by controlling major part of company’s expenses as well as it has automated the process. It is very important that business should exist within the workflow so, having right print technology can make task better, easier & faster. In addition MPS will assess business to exist in workflow & ensure to have proper equipment to optimize efficiency.

Why MPS is essential for today’s business?

  • Save unnecessary copy/print expenses:

MPS helps business to save up to 30% of their expenses in copying & printing process. Due to which productivity of company improves & makes it more efficient.

  • Reduce “Local” Printers :

Typically, they are inefficient and more costly than realized. These printers only service one user because they are rarely networked, which makes them inefficient in most business environments. They also often require unique cartridges that are typically more costly and cause purchasing and inventory tracking challenges.

  • Evaluate the flexibility to add new services:

As a business continually adapts to the marketplace, MPS agreements should be adaptable as well – in terms of the commercial offering, contract arrangements, staffing and delivery location etc.

  •  Train employees on new technology:

MPS can assist in training employees with use of advance technology which is the priority in this competitive environment & fixing the printing problems faster.

  • Continuous improvement:

Monitoring and ongoing management is critical to ensure that the MPS adapts to changing business needs. This requires governance throughout the contract which should place high emphasis on service analytics, reporting and communication.

Hence, for success in today’s competitive market you definitely need one who can understand your business very well & should be capable of giving right solution at right place. So, to win in such critical situation you need a master of managing print solution that is Elpee MPS.