Today, virtually every organization is searching for new ways to control costs and operate more efficiently. So here is how ElpeeMps can help you.
Organizations across every industry are discovering how today’s technologies help them achieve their objectives. For example, retailers use beacons to personalize marketing messages to individual customers based on where they are inside a store. Hospitals use technology to track patients and understand their experiences, helping to reduce re-admission rates. Airlines use apps to streamline check-in.
Likewise, a successful MANAGED PRINT SOLUTION providers usesPrint Management Strategies to improve business efficiency.
And to drive this Print Management strategy a Managed Print Solution (ELPEE MPS) provider aims at three important key factors.

So, do you know the keys To Improve Business Efficiency……?
Now let us have a look at these 3 key factors Individually….


Cost is a primary reason for adopting a MANAGED PRINT SOLUTION, organisations are looking to achieve more than just cost savings to drive business value.Many Organization are unaware about their Printing cost.Moreover, they do not realize that around 40 % of their overall printing is wasted. And get surprised when they come to know that they have spent almost 4% of their annual expenses for printing related expenses.
But a MPS (MANAGED PRINT SOLUTION) provider monitors and measures your print loads today and uses few right-powered printer models, at the right nodes. This reduces cost of consumables, real estate footprint, spare stocks, electric power and of the helpdesk team – reducing the Total Cost of printer network. And also, installation and de-installation costs. Features like pull printing and duplex printing, save paper.
So, with right MPS Provide you can save up to 30% print related costs.

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Security remains top of the agenda, with 81% indicating that this was an important or very important driver. The need for secure print solutions and services is heightened given the fact that 61% of organisations reported at least a single print-related data breach in the past year.
If you have confidential documents such as payment records, employee data, or anything with identifiable information about your customers, you need a secure way to handle this documents.
A MANAGED PRINT SOLUTION expert implements an automated secure printing software. It can be accessed by authorised users only. Which reduces the risk of data breach.

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By Outsourcing all your Print Management needs, aMPS(Managed Print Solution) Provider takes control of your printing output and reduces the time and headaches of IT Staff. This includes timely service and maintenance of all printer devices. And providing support and backup for any breakdown ensuring smooth printing Process.
Thus, a complete MPS provider (ElpeeMps) empowers you to monitor your office print landscape to the degree you want to, increasing your business efficiency.
ElpeeMps is a managed print service provider for all types of businesses in Mumbai, with a proven track record of helping businesses increase their productivity by optimizing document workflows.
It’s easy to discover how much money your business could save with MPS (managed print solution) by obtaining a print assessment. It’s free, painless and will show you exactly how and where money can be saved.