Managing your print infrastructures – from devices to printing supplies – can be time-consuming and frustrating.  Print Management Software can help your organization streamline the entire process.

Here’s how

Core Benefits:

Track & Save on Print Costs

Accurate print accounting is essential to cutting down on erroneous costs. Elpee MPS can reduce print consumable expenditure, staff time spent monitoring, and printing is cut down with Elpee MPS in place.  Centralized print management through Elpee MPS lets you answer questions like:

  • Who printed a 500-page single-sided document in color at 8pm last night?
  • Which department is using disproportionate amounts of paper and toner?
  • How do organizations printing habits measure year on year?

Enhanced Print Security

Security breaches during printing is an ongoing concern.  Employees routinely report seeing confidential correspondence, salary information and other sensitive data on documents.  Elpee MPS addresses these issues and vulnerabilities.  ELpee MPS is a pull printing solution designed to enhance security for all users. Elpee MPS enables users to release documents when at the printer after verifying their ID, enabling print jobs to be released safely and securely.

Eradicate Print waste

Elpee MPS will monitor your prints and delete duplicate jobs, route print jobs to specific, more efficient MFDs and it also makes users think twice before printing a documents without checking it! Print waste is dramatically reduced with ELPEE MPS

Daily Management

ELPEE MPS software provides day-to-day oversight of your devices and print environment.

  • Automated print queue control to keep moving forward
  • Alerts when your devices require maintenance, updates or advanced troubleshooting
  • Automated replenishment of consumables.
  • Update drivers, change profile settings, launch custom configurations without having to leave your seat.

Initiate dynamic deployments

Regardless of your preferred criteria – Active Directory user, group, hostname, IP range and more – Elpee MPS allows you to deploy printers to select users with the confidence of granular control.

Reduce your Carbon Footprint

Send print jobs to more efficient printers, reduce print waste and save on print consumables.  ELPEE MPS will help to reduce the environmental impact of your organization, whilst also saving you time and money. More to read on eco-friendly MFP system.

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